Growth & well-being

The goals range from generating growth to energizing everyday enjoyment. Attraktiva Oskarshamn AB, works for everyone that lives in the
municipality, based on the idea that everything is interconnected. It is
the people belonging to the community, who activate the milieu around
them, add flavour to each meeting and define the future.


Attraktiva Oskarshamn AB acts as a hub for development in several interrelated areas. The company brings the city’s benefits to light for both residents and visitors. The proximity to everything and the beautiful 
environment, with both ocean and vivid countryside, combined with a growing center of trade and investment in the tourism and leisure facilities create favourable conditions to be preserved. Oskarshamn is as a beautiful and diverse tourist destination that should not be bypassed. The benefits of living here are many, and this might be your optimal place for a future investment. The work is carried out locally, regionally and at the national level. 

Examples of activities

• Arranges job fairs to present the business community, and disseminate information on job vacancies.
• Organizes activities for new residents, everything from ice hockey to barbecues and city walks, and serves according to the calendar of events.
• Provides package deals for visitors and serves them with information, both via social media and by conducting physical meetings at the tourist information. Formatting to a web portal that provides extensive information.
• Develops Oskarshamn’s commerce by working with start-ups and bringing different parties together, coordinating campaigns and creating more and better events.
• Attraktiva Oskarshamn AB works with joy and enthusiasm, but just as much to gather
hard facts about population growth, entrepreneurship and skill requirements etc. in order to conduct analyses that direct the company’s focus.


Attraktiva Oskarshamn AB is exclusively owned by the non-profit, Attraktiva Oskarshamn. The association determines what kind of activities that are to be conducted while the company is responsible for such implementation process. The association engages individuals, organizations, and businesses; the latter of which is the company’s primary financial benefactor. Would you like to become a member of the Association? You can register on (member) in order to contribute to a more attractive Oskarshamn for all.